Because being great at your job is about more than just the code

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In technology, data science is one of the hottest jobs, and data scientists are becoming sought after in almost every field. Data scientists are the middlemen between the goals of a business and product strategy. According to the Harvard Business Review, data science is the sexiest job of the 21st century, but it also comes with a lot of challenges.

You must possess the right interpersonal skills to be successful because you will need more than just technical skills to overcome these challenges. …

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I am passionate about writing. Although it took me a while to write for myself, I wrote for others. I realized that sharing knowledge is one of the best ways to acquire more knowledge I explained that here. I love to write down things I have read or learned. It is also one of the ways I express myself and my ideas, asides from the fact that documenting makes me monitor my growth.

I blog so that beginners in tech can have it easy. The more I blog, the more I am motivated to read and research more so I…

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Data has to be manipulated and cleaned so that it can provide useful insights. Data manipulation is a necessity as there is an increasing amount of data being stored and used.

This article explains some of the data manipulation operations that can help with organizing our data and extracting useful insights.

Pandas, as explained here, is an open-source python library that implements easy, efficient, high-performance data analysis tools. Pandas provide efficient access to data wrangling/munging tasks that occupy almost 80 percent of a data scientist’s time. …

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Success is the accomplishment of an aim, goal, or purpose. Success is relative and means different things to different people.

A blogger can write about different things such as events, thoughts, expertise, experiences, situations, and even lifestyles on an online platform. Your blog is your corner on the internet: there is no limit to what you can write on. Blogs are the go-to now for almost anything.

In the tech space, blogs could be your classroom. There is a high number of self-taught techies these days because there are many readily available tutorials in various fields. There is a blog…

Turning messy data into clean, well-structured data

A messy collection of string.
A messy collection of string.
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Raw data can be very messy, but machine learning models only want well-structured and clean data. Data wrangling is the most important and essential step in transforming raw data into a more functional form. With properly wrangled data, you’ll be able to create informative data visuals and also build a highly accurate model in order to make better predictions.

Machine learning follows the garbage-in/garbage-out principle. If you want to learn from or predict based on your data, you need to make sure that data is well constructed, clean, and suitable for your machine learning model.

pandas, which was built on…

Getting started in data science? Start here

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Python has become the most widely used programming language today — especially in the world of data science because it is a high-performance language, easy to learn and debug, and has extensive library support. Each of these libraries has a particular focus. Some manage image and textual data, while others focus on data mining, neural networks, and data visualization. Python can be used for statistical analysis and building predictive models. When it comes to solving data science tasks and challenges, data enthusiasts, analysts, engineers, and scientists are leveraging the power of Python.

In this article, I will be talking about…

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